Beyonce Reclaims Identity with ‘Formation’

Beyonce Reclaims Identity with ‘Formation’featured

Beyonce has come under scrutiny with her evocative Super Bowl half-time performance and the subsequent release of ‘Formation,’ off her widely publicized Lemonade album. Many see ‘Formation’ as a surprising departure for the world-renowned pop-star, while others see it as a form of blatant racism. The release contains acknowledgments to current and historical issues in Read more

The Last Resort Critic / The Eagles

The Last Resort Critic / The Eaglesfeatured

They call it paradise. I don’t know why. Call something paradise kiss it goodbye. Haunting and resonant as ever, The Eagles’ heartbreaking epic, The Last Resort, is political poetry set to music. A seminal work that is often eclipsed by more popular fan favorites. Off the Hotel California album, The Last Resort, delves into the Read more

Embracing Acceptance

Embracing Acceptancefeatured

I feel myself in a state of transition and awakening. The last six months were marked with confusion, indecision and loss. During that time I was in a state of samsara, keeping myself in the hell that tormented me without seeing that the road through was acceptance. As I begin to emerge slowly into a Read more

Goodreads Reviews

Goodreads Reviewsfeatured

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath My rating: 5 of 5 stars Plath’s timeless and haunting semi-autobiography stands the test of time. A vivid and often painful portrayal of a young women’s dissent into madness. The parallels in Plath’s own life, make the work all the more haunting and vivid. A seminal work that depicts Read more


Best Places to See the Fall Foliagefeatured

For any outdoor enthusiast the transition from summer to fall is an exciting one. Nothing beats a long walk in the woods witnessing the magnificent artistry of nature first-hand. A slower pace and the refreshing crisp air makes fall the ideal season to get outside and appreciate it in all its glory. There are plenty Read more

In The End What Kind Of Love Will We Seek?

In The End What Kind Of Love Will We Seek?featured

At  the end of our lives what will it be that really matters? Will it be lost love, or wealth accumulated, successes achieved or denied? Or will it be a series of events that meant little at the time but were all that there truly was. In our daily lives we want for so much Read more


Five Common Yoga Myths Debunkedfeatured

Yoga is here to stay. The $27 billion industry is practiced by over 21 million U.S. adults, according to a survey from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease and Prevention. Despite its ever growing following, several myths still hold water, even among devoted yogis. Let’s debunk some 5 common yoga Read more

The Artist

The Artistfeatured

Alice lives in a box of paints, she dreams in color and her clothes and hands will forever be slightly stained. Her workshop is a riot of colors, vibrant hues of crimson and sapphire, lemon chiffon and mint populate the space. Drying paintbrushes rest in cups strewn about the room, and pieces of art in Read more


The Teacherfeatured

 For once the room was silent. All eyes were focused straight ahead and the entire class was mesmerized by the teacher’s presentation. Dr. Fitz had the kind of power few teacher’s have, to capture a student’s attention while relating to them as people. Public Speaking 101 was always full each semester. Even students who feared Read more

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